• We offer solutions based on innovative and tailor-made products
  • We strive for successes through trusted and reliable partnerships
  • Our commitment towards environmental responsibility and sustainable development

“Your One Stop Solution For All Your Polyurethane Needs…….”

With more than 40 years’ experience in polyurethane chemistry and trading, Premium Polyurethane Technology Malaysia (PPTM) offers a board range of tailored-made polyurethane products and systems for customer’s needs. PPTM is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is our company’s commitment in providing quality products and services.
PPTM is committed to expand markets and transforming technologies into solutions that help customers differentiate themselves from competitors. Backed by our research and development team, PPTM works closely with customers in bringing ideas to realization and products to market. All incoming and outgoing materials are stringently checked prior delivered to our customers.
PPTM’s range of products includes RG-series (rigid foams for insulation, In-situ and structural), AURA-series (moulded foams for automotive industries, viscolastic foam, furniture and bedding), Premeteg-series (integral skin) and Chemical & Machinery Trading.
We always believe that the role and commitment to preserve and reduce the impact on global ecosystem and work towards an efficient and effective global footprint reduction. PPTM continuously looks for alternative materials in phasing HCFC (under Montreal protocol), halogenated and volatile organic compounds. PPTM is also evaluating the incorporation of Natural oil Polyols’ (NOP) into its polyol systems.